Naturehike CloudUp 20D/210T Polyester Ultralight Tent Outdoor Camping Traveling Tent For 1 Person 4 Season

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llll Aktueller Naturehike Cloud-up 3 Zelt Test bzw. Experteneinschätzung 2019: Bewertung mit Fotos, Vor- bzw. Nachteilen und Preisvergleich. Jetzt informieren! Hi all, Looking for a tent recommendation with these goals: - 2 person tent - Under 0 - Usage will probably be 50% car-camping, 50% for use in national park camping/short trip backpacking (maybe 2 nights max?) - I don't think I want a tarptent since setup is a bit more difficult and there seems to be less coverage So far I'm considering: - Six Moon Lunar Duo (0ish) - Kelty TN 2 (0ish) - REI Half Dome (0 on sale) - Naturehike Cloud Up 2 (0ish regular price) Anyone have any ot.. (Отправка из RU) Naturehike CloudUp Серии Сверхлёгкая Палатка Туристическая Кемпинговая Палатки Для Отдыха На Природе Для Туризма 2.. What's up! I'm currently getting into backpacking and trying to put together all the necessary gear. The big thing I'm tackling right now is trying to find the best tent for my budget. I'm looking for a lightweight 2p tent. My budget is around 150 or less. Some I have my eye on are: 3F UL Lanshan 2 Six Moon Designs Lunar Duo Naturehike Cloud Up 2 Paria Bryce 2P I will probably be investing in trekking poles, so I'm open to tents that use those as well. Just trying to keep my weight down w.. So I bought a Naturehike cloud up 3person tent in grey and it did not came with a footprint. I would like to always use my tent with a footprint, does anyone know a shop where I can buy it from? I have asked around but came empty.. If you do not know where I can buy the Naturehike footprint for my tent but you do know a good alternative I am all hears! Please let me know your ideas on how to use another substitute matt for my tent! Thanks a lot guys! 18 окт 2018.. Огляд китайського ультралегкого двухмістного намету Naturehike Cloud Up 2 і порівняння його з швейцарським наметом Exped Mira 2.

New BOB shelter and how I decided on it Naturehike CloudUp 20D/210T Polyester Ultralight Tent Outdoor Camping Traveling Tent For 1 Person 4 Season

NatureHike CloudUp 2 Upgraded version at 5?

I am a little new to the whole Lightweight hiking thing and have been looking at the Naturehike Cloud UP 1, as it looks like a good quality tent for it's low price tag of \~£70. My only concern is if I fit into it or not, as I can't make out the dimensions on a lot of reviews. I am 6' 2 Hi, i'll be backpacking New Zealand with my fiancee in late feb/early march of next year and am looking for a budget tent recommendation. I'm 6'2 So I've been interested in getting into backpacking for a while now, and I figure I'd get a tent first so I could start using it this summer. Since I'm just getting started and still car camping right now I figured I'd go with an introductory tent. Currently I'm looking at the.. 1) Kelty Salida (1 or 2?) 2) Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1 3) Naturehike CloudUp 2 (No particular order) I've been able to find them all for more or less the same price on various websites and I know all of them are on.. 22 фев 2017.. Обзор палатки NatureHike Cloud UP 2 Ultralight. Палатка серого цвета сделана из ультралегкого нейлона 20D. Верхняя часть покрыта.. The Maclehose trail in Hong Kong, stages 1-5.5, solo. Weather was 55-80 F, and humidity 40-70%. **Travel logistics and expenses** **Ticket to HKG:** airline concession, overnight flights LHR/HKG/LHR **YHA 1st night:** £18 () **Octopus travel card expenses:** £14 () Bus and MTR **Beer & meals:** £40 (), plus no cook supplies from home **Camping:** free **Maps:** Viewranger app, route well signed. **HK trail website:** [Maclehose Trail]( naturehike cloud-up 2 personen zelt ultraleichte doppelten zelt 3/4 saison camping zelt (210t grÜn) 1 Wettergeschützte Eingänge mit Platz für das Gepäck.Den Link zur neuen Upgrade-Version finden Sie unter den Produktinformation. Палатка ультралёгкая NatureHike 'Cloud Up 3' orange (NH15T003-T) купить в Киеве и Украине. Лучшие цены. Фото, видео и отзывы. Работаем без.. Wondering what people think of the upgraded version at the price point of 5?   The previous version had just the one Y pole, the two points at the entry point of the tent and the single end/spine of the Y at the foot end. This was fine most of the time according to reviews but the spine supported by a single split end of the Y cause it a sag and sway a lot to one side under high wind. Weighing in at 1.24kg / 2.7lbs. ( What's up! I'm new to backpacking and trying to put together all the necessary gear to get started by the time the snow's gone. The big thing I'm tackling right now is trying to find the best tent for my budget. It's worth noting I don't have the budget to go full fledged UL right off the bat but I am definitely trying to be very weight conscious and save as much weight as I can from the get-go. I'm looking for a lightweight 2p tent. My budget is around 150 give or take. Some I have my eye o.. Naturehike Cloud-Up Ultra-light 4 Season 2 Person Tent (Gray) This review was originally for the older version of the tent, which I gave 3 stars because of a bad condensation issue. I'm looking to do some more UL hiking and camping this season but I'm working with a pretty limited budget. I'm sure a lot of this gear will be considered garbage by many users here, but here's what I've selected: **Tent:** [UL 3F 1 Person](,searchweb201602_9_10065_10068_1013.. For those that are aiming more for a good balance of cost and weight, which items are you looking at? Some possible examples: - Tents: naturehike cloud up (0ish) or taga (0ish). Six moon designs skyscape scout (5/34oz though) - Quilt: I plan on going with a bandit for ~ 0-0. Obviously there are some aliexpress options as well for 0ish. Or other people like wilderness logics where you can find a quilt for 0ish. - Airpad: Very undecided on this one - absolutely can't do.. Folglich liegt das 2 Personen Zelt von Naturehike um 72,09€ über dem Durchschnittspreis aller Produkte aus unserem Vergleich. Wobei es sich bei dem 2 Personen Zelt mit den höchsten Anschaffungskosten um Naturehike Cloud-Up 2 handelt. Im Gegensatz dazu am Günstigsten: das 2 Personen Zelt Poneto 2 mit besagten 44,95€. So I am trying to find a 2 person(or 3 person) shelter that is at the minimum 50 Check it out here: Song: Kai Engel Connect with me: Main YouTube: Vlog Channel: Features. Straight away knowing that this products design is mainly focused on being lightweight you can presume it does not come with all the bells and whistles a glamper desires. Hi guys, I could really do with some input from other people because I've been looking at so many tents it's making my head spin.   I'm going to do a section of the HRP (Pyrenees) this summer with my partner. We're both first time hikers but I've done a few long distance bikepacking tours so I'm more familiar with camping and the like. I bought a TT Scarp 1 last year but since that won't fit her as well I'm on the lookout for a 2p tent.   My pointers - Chances are we'll.. I know they're not ultralight but they're a more affordable lightweight alternative. I have the 1 person and I like it but I've only used it a few times, and I'm thinking of getting the 3 person version which weighs about 4 lbs. Also, does anyone know the difference between these two amazon (Canada) links? It seems like one is more than the other which is the same thing, but I might be missing something: I'm looking to put together some gear so that I can take my wife and one of the dogs(under 25 lbs) camping. The only thing I've bought so far [Insulated Double V]( I'm looking to stay around 0 for this season. If things go well and she takes to it, I can gift/trade this tent on and get a bit more serious. My only real requirements are * price * under 5 pounds * able to fit the pad we have. Like to have * Double wall (something about cond.. Cloud UP 2 Ultralight two men tent This tent using ultralight 20D nylon, 7001 aluminum poles, the best interpretation of the ratio of strength and weight. Whether hiking or mountain climbing, can provide you with a high degree of comfort, security and a sense of space. Naturehike Cloud Up 2 Ultralight camping tent outdoor 2 man 2 person travel camp tent 2018 updated version with Mat NH15T002-TUSD 115.00-151.80/piece. Für wen eignet sich das Produkt? Ultraleichtes Nylon ist als Zeltplanenmaterial ideal für Trekkingtouren, bei denen es auf jedes Gramm ankommt. Das Naturehike Cloud-up 2 Personen Zelt besticht durch ein geringes Packgewicht und den einfachen Auf- und Abbau, der einem bei Rucksacktouren entgegenkommt. Mehr berichtet diese Einschätzung. Naturehike Cloud Up 2 Zelte Cloud-Up 2 Serie Zelte, 20D Silikon beschichtet Nylongewebe, 7001 Aluminium-Pole.Es hat die optimale Balance von Gewicht und Stärke.Es bietet einen Komfort und sicheren Schutz auf Ihrem Rucksack Reise oder Bergsteigen Reise. I've got the Aliexpress local lion flash 30 replica, and aside from not having a removable frame card like the REI one it's great. But I'd like to get a bigger pack for some overnight stuff, something in the 45-65L range. Does anyone have any recommendations? Off topic, but I figure most of the people answering question number 1 might have experience with this: The naturehike cloud up 2.. anyone know if the inner tent (not the rainfly) is supposed to have taped seams/corners or not? Becau..

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