Vector Optics Marksman 4.5-18x50 Tactical Hunting Long Eye Relief Varmint Hunting Rifle Scope 1cm Click Sharp Clear Monocular

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Hey everyone,   XB1 GamerTag Fuzzy Belvedere here with a few Named Weapon suggestions. To make them feel special, I would like to see all 3 talents unlocked without Fireams/Stamina/Electronics requirements. They should be available at levels 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 & 30 (with Gear Score on par with Gear Sets; 191/214/240/268).   These weapons listed below are based on level 30(GS 268) damage rages. The Talent buffs are for PvE combat only (PvP balance may need to.. **MAP FEATURES/DESIGN** -The crane. Knocked over. In a million bits. With all BFGs buried underneath. -The old metro with less detail and better design to it, with only minor cover with more flanking routes and the lower floors playing a larger role.Take the old map and add SOME of the cover back in. -The current mall map with all the detail but with the old routes and areas added back again, with more emphasis on the lower floors. -Ravod 911 with better cover from the roofs at the hill.. ###Movement All troops in the Forward Base(Cote D'Ivoire) are to proceed to the Zinder staging area immediately! ###Troop Numbers, Gear * Division Total: 25 * Manpower Total: 96,000 **Gear** **Wassoulou Doves** **Squad Loadout**: WFT Infantry Squad * **Squad Leader [1]** Class | Equipment ---|--- Main weapon|[DACR]( Side arm|[Ndula]( Vector Optics Marksman 6-25x50SFP Riflescope leads the way in its class thanks to its optical performance Mighty, Majestic, Marvelous TAC Vector Optics Marksman 3.5-10x44 Side Focus Hunting Riflescope with MP Reticle Low Profile 1/10 MIL Adjustment by TAC Vector Optics: Sport & Freizeit

Vector Optics Marksman 10x44 Sniper Crystal Clear.. Vector Optics Marksman 4.5-18x50 Tactical Hunting Long Eye Relief Varmint Hunting Rifle Scope 1cm Click Sharp Clear Monocular

[Campaign: Five Eyes] Briefing and Backstory

We are committed to offering a and offline experience in all aspects of our business to to consumer needs. We are at the hunting for possible business opportunities. Our strategy relies on rapid market growth and exploring in business to achieve our vision: VECTOR being 'The World's Premier Brand -Today and Tomorrow. Best of the West Kill Reel - 2017 long range kill shots - Duration: 6:54. The Best of the West 836,977 views ##Character Sheet. --- ###^(BASIC BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION) **Name:** Molly Farmer, AKA Delusion **Age:** 24 **Appearance:** 5'9 Buy Vector Optics Marksman 6-25x50 Tactical Gun Rifle Scope MPT1 Reticle Low Turret 1/10 MIL Online Best Price in Pakistan ,High Quality vector optic marksman,China rifle scope Suppliers, Cheap vector optics from Vector Optics Store on Just Hunters. VECTOR OPTICS Zielfernrohr 3-12x56 Grizzly, L4 Leuchtabsehen Sonnenblende. Das Zielfernrohr 3-12x56 Modell Grizzly ist eine lichtstarke Jagdoptik mit dem beliebten L4-Leuchtabsehen und mit der seit Jahrzehnten bewährten Vergrößerung. (EDIT #1) So I was considering the addition of new weapons to the AR2 meta, and i would like your opinions on these. I have taken out some weapons as they have been added to the game and given more suggestions that came to me. Intermediate-caliber Rifles (Assault rifles) 1. FAMAS: french AR chambered in 5.56 NATO. Fastest firerate in class (900 Rpm), but high recoil and below avg acc. 2. SCAR-L: Belgian AR chambered in 5.56 NATO. Moderate recoil, slower than avg firerate (625 rpm), higher a.. Marksman 3.5-10x44 Hunting Rifle Scope (0) Your Price: 9.0 In Stock Marksman 10x44 Sniper Riflescope (0) Your Price: 9.0 In Stock Marksman 4.5-18x50 Hunting Riflescope (0) Your Price: 9.0.. Official Vector Optics Home - Vector Optics and Arsenal is your home to the largest and best selection of Gun Optics and Accessories at affordable prices. Vector Optics Scopes, Red / Green Dot Sights, Lasers, Flashlights and More from VectorOptics Once a respected leader, Al Shukr led the Arab world into a golden age, uniting nations across Africa and the Middle East. However, his reign never came to an end, descending into a military dictatorship, leading the UAR through a period of stagnation and decay, where militarization ran rampant, and conflicts in the Middle East led to a loss of Jordan, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. The formation of the NWAR and their subsequent departure from NADA only further weakened the UAR, and still Al Shukr di.. I decided to buy all the **High-end weapon Blueprints** and take each weapon through one challenge mode, and go rogue/kill a rogue at least once. By doing this, I hope shed some light on other weapons(other than the Vector and M1A) that are great in The Division. Please note: I have ONLY included **craftable High-end weapons** on this list that can have **at least 1 random weapon talent through crafting**. I felt all the named weapons had at least 1 wasted weapon talent, so the Liberator/Cass..

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