DUKOFF soprano alto tenor sax metal mouthpiece Kenny G

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Bobby Dukoff Metal Mouthpiece Tenor Soprano Alto Saxophone Professional Sax Mouthpiece Advanced Silver Lacquer Number 56789 やっと以前から欲しかったDukoffを買いました。楽器歴は長いのですが途中ブランクがあって数年前から練習を再開しました。今まで、メイヤーの6S Otto Link Custom 'George Coleman' Super Tone Master Tenor.104 DUKOFF MIAMI SOPRANO Saxophone Mouthpiece - 9.00. Hello, you are bidding on a AWESOME PLAYING AND AWESOME SOUNDING Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece. This is the Dukoff M5 model. Don't let the M fool you.It gets just as great of a sound as a D without the edgy bight to it. The tip and rails are untouched and in great playing condition. Shipping..

Dukoff Miami Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece - PicClick DUKOFF soprano alto tenor sax metal mouthpiece Kenny G

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