Maxfind electric skateboard Four Wheel Wireless Remote Controller 2000W Dual motor

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Key Features Wireless Remote. The wireless remote on the Maxfind Electric Skateboard is simple in design but incredibly effective in use. Not only does it fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, but all of the buttons are laid out perfectly to use while moving at high speeds. This is my first electric skateboard ever. I chose it after doing some research based upon several factors: top speed (17 mph depending upon the weight of the rider), range (10 miles, again with the same qualification), charging time (1 hr.) and weight (13.1 pounds). Your daily commute will never be the same! MaxFind™ is The World’s Most Portable and Intelligent electric personal vehicle. MaxFind™ electric Skateboard is only 3.7 KG Extremely Portable for everyday commute! Dieses Maxfind elektrisches Skateboard kann für eine lange Strecke fahren, das Skateboard ist super schnell, hat eine 23mph, die leicht zu holen und in der Schule, Arbeit und zu Hause, Geschwindigkeitsmodi (niedrige Geschwindigkeit und hohe Geschwindigkeit), einfach zu wechseln ist vorwärts rückwärts. The deck's ply adds steadiness to the ride and helps stabilize the skateboard as you swiftly and safely ride down hills. In this review, you will discover what makes this board an outstanding choice for those looking for a serious board. Maxfind Electric Skateboard. We pared 6 unrivalled Maxfind electric skateboards over the previous 3 years. Distinguish which Maxfind electric skateboard is best for you.

MaxFind™ Ultimate Electric Skateboard – Real Presto Maxfind electric skateboard Four Wheel Wireless Remote Controller 2000W Dual motor

Maxfind Electric Skateboard-Best electric skateboard for..

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