QHYCCD QHY21 Monochrome Cooling CCD Astronomy Deep Space Photography

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QHYCCD Camera Warranty Period QHYCCD provides a Two Year warranty period Except for the following items: CCD/CMOS Sensor ; TEC module ; Cables CCD/CMOS Sensors: Kodak's Sensor is under Kodak's warranty period of one year from the time KODAK ships to QHYCCD. Sony's Sensors have a two year warranty from the date of original sale to end user. QHY21M is the perfect monochrome CCD camera for those looking for an ultimate instrument characterized by high sensitivity, thanks to Sony ICX674 sensor. QHYCCD QHY11 Monochrome CCD Camera The QHY11 sports the highly acclaimed Kodak KAI-11002 Grade 2 monochrome imaging sensor. With a large image circle, 11 megapixels, and a 9 µm pixel size, you will achieve a wide field full of very sharp stars with a wide range of telescopes. QHYCCD QHY5 III 174M CMOS 2.35 Mpx USB 3.0 with monochrome sensor for high resolution imaging The QHY16200A belongs to the QHYCCD QHYCCD's dual stage TE cooling technology reduce the sensor temperature up to -45C below ambient for exceptionally low dark current. Compared to competing models, the QHY cameras achieve -10C to -15C extra cooling, resulting in very low noise and uniform background even during the hot summer months.

QHYCCD QHY21M monochrome camera - PrimaLuceLab QHYCCD QHY21 Monochrome Cooling CCD Astronomy Deep Space Photography

QHY16200A - All In One CCD Cameras - qhyccd.com

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