Traditional Jinghu Handmade Chinese Folk Musical Instruments Bamboo Jing hu Chinse Violin String Instruments

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SHEET MUSIC SHOP GUIDE +1 000 000 indexed sheet music (World Wide Shipping) Jinghu demonstration.. as part of the information material for composers interested in submitting works to the Composition Competition for traditional Chinese instruments 2013/2014. Find out.. tracy louis the silent barrier; traditional jinghu handmade chinese folk musical instruments bamboo jing hu chinse violin string instruments; traditional erhu handmade chinese folk string musical instruments wood chinse violin with english learning book gift Ok, after wacthing Wu Ru-Jun's astounding performance on the Jinghu in Do As Infinity's music video of 2017 new design ankara 100% cotton african wax print fabric super wax hollandais wax fabric 6yards java prints veritable wax The jinghu is a bowed spike-lute chordophone of the Han Chinese. It is known by the general term huqin or hu ch'in , which refers to stringed instruments in general though most often fiddles. The jinghu is differentiated from the erhu by its silk, rather than steel, strings.

Jinghu | musical instrument | Traditional Jinghu Handmade Chinese Folk Musical Instruments Bamboo Jing hu Chinse Violin String Instruments

(Chinese Traditional / Folk) Treasury Of Chinese.

Chinese Jinghu A small tubular lute that is played with a bow, Made of Chinese hardwood, bamboo and synthetic leather, 2 Wooden pegs, Scale adjustable, Total length: approx. 51 cm, Width: approx. 6 cm, Depth: approx.. Jinghu, Wade-Giles romanization ching-hu, Chinese two-stringed fiddle that is the principal melodic instrument in jingxi (Peking opera) ensembles. The smallest (and therefore highest-pitched) of the Chinese spike fiddles , the jinghu is about 50 cm (20 inches) in length. The Beijing–Shanghai railway or Jinghu railway (simplified Chinese: 京沪铁路; traditional Chinese: 京滬鐵路; pinyin: Jīnghù tiělù) is a railway line between Beijing and Shanghai. The line has a total length of 1,462 km (908 mi) and connects the municipalities of Beijing, Tianjin , and Shanghai, as well as the provinces of Hebei , Shandong , Anhui and Jiangsu.

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